Monday, February 6, 2012

Is That Lil Kim? (Party Flyer Ad)

Lil Kim is definitely still bringing in checks. Towards the middle of the month she'll be hosting at party at Tabu in Long Island. The party so far is being promoted through her twitter account. However, while Lil Kim will be in attendance the person who made the flyer seems to have forgotten to put up an actual picture of her.

The Lil Kim that we've all grown up with went from dark skin to light skin and wears way too much make-up. She's also not very little in certain areas anymore. Plus the plastic surgery has really jacked up her face. However, the girl in flyer is super skinny, wearing very little make-up, looks 20, and is dark skin. She's not Lil Kim at all, but at least they made her a true dark skin beauty for once.

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