Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Getting Excited For Change As The Celebrities Make Changes

Changes are taking place. Rihanna is a trend setter, but recently she decided to make a change. Instead of creating a new style she took a style from the book of men. Men are tacky so they just usually layer their clothing to be lazy. Rihanna decided to take those layers and tuck her shirt, or some shirt, under her shorts. It actually works. On the other hand Lindsay Lohan is trying to stay out of the media.

At least Lohan is trying to avoid bad publicity. She's not claiming she does not like the party life anymore. She's also claiming to be clean and sober now. It's good  because Lohan already looks like she's 40 and has a few kids. It's time to calm down. But wait, this post isn't really about them. It's about me.

In less than a week, Sunday, I'll be a red-head. My goal is burgundy, but who knows. I may just shock the Hell out of myself and have blood red hair. I bought three different colors today to show my hair stylist on Sunday. I'll let her help me with picking the right shade. It will be excellent. Oh Yes It Will!

With changing of hair color comes more concentration on keeping hair healthier. Recently I made a brand new goal. It involves ignoring the negative opinions and diving deeper into the needs of Lashuntrice.

They judged me back in the day when I discovered my love for writing and reading, so I hid it from them as best as I could. They judged me when I revealed that I had emotions and cried at times. They judged me when they found out I wasn't the type of girl they originally imagined me to be. I don't know what they were looking for, but they didn't find it and weren't pleased. My reaction was to please, but they lost interest when the truth was revealed. They made me feel like I should settle for whatever they want, but that does nothing but hurt my spirit. They played with my emotions for the longest. I was inclined to impress or make myself invisible. Neither ever works. I'm tired now. It's all about making sure Lashuntrice is happy.

It should have been my biggest goal this whole time, but now that I've made it I can concentrate solely on it. Going natural is already a huge step in being selfish. While you don't learn everything about yourself all over again, you have to concentrate figuring out your hair all over again. Nothing is the same. Your hair is not even the same as the next person, so they're advice is not definite. However, once you take the time to learn your hair you can make cool changes like coloring it. Although I've learned that coloring the hair involves more attention. Sometimes coloring can be damaging to the hair and sometimes it can just make the hair extra sensitive. That means it will need way more dedication. This coincides with my plan.

In the near future I'll become more dedicated to making sure my hair is healthy and my personality is in a healthy state. That means concentrating on Lashuntrice, also known as me, more.

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