Friday, February 3, 2012

Rihanna Goes Blonde, My Hair Is Still The Same

Over a month has gone by in 2012 and I haven't spoken much on the train wreck known as Rihanna. However, she has been making headlines. My earliest memory of Rihanna this year was seeing her tweet old Lil Kim lyrics and talk about smoking weed. Many shots of her in bathing suits have also been released. However, weed and swimming hasn't been enough for her. Recently Rihanna decided to make a huge hair change and become a blonde.

Rihanna announced her hair color change by tweeting a photo of her new hairstyle. Is it me or does this woman change up colors every year? Like all of her drastic hair changes, the blonde will take some getting used to but it's cute. She makes everything look cute. 

Meanwhile, I haven't found the braveness needed to make a hair appointment and get my new color. It's coming soon. 

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