Thursday, February 9, 2012

Raz B Imitates Michael Jackson And Fights For His Sexuality In New Music Video

Recently I ran across an opinion on a new Raz B video. Since he hasn't made a song since he was in B2K I had to check it out. The name of Raz B's new song is "Na Na Na," it's brand new, and it's equipped with a porn video to match.

If you're brave enough check out "Na Na Na" below and then read on for my opinion of the video.

First of all this song is hot. I'd have sex to it. However, the video is another story. There's so much wrong with this clearly home-made porn. For instance the video girl was a horrible idea.

The Very Amateur Video Girl
In the very beginning she looked like she was scared and being coached. Then Raz B has pictures flashing across the screen that looks like he's either about to rape a peach he creatively made into a woman or he's sexing a Amber Rose look-a-like. Then he goes back to the video girl. This girl lets Raz B bit her lips, kiss between her legs while the camera is rolling, cum on her back, and then lets him lick his own cum off. I'm pretty sure he could have found a prostitute from the streets and she'd have done a better job acting and giving tips on what to do in the bedroom. This girl was obviously desperate for fame. Okay, now moving on...

The Michael Jackson Moves
In his older age Raz B isn't the best dancer, but he didn't mind trying. Raz B tried hard to reincarnate Michael Jackson, but in a world full of MJ-wanna be's that's a bad move. Wait, in a world where Chris Brown and Usher are still living no other singer should try being MJ.

Cumming On A Girl's Back And Licking It Off
Years ago Raz B made molestation allegations against his former manager. The minute the allegations hit his sexuality was doomed. Ever since that moment Raz B has been fighting to prove his sexuality to the world. However, cumming on a girl's back and then licking his own cum does not prove he is straight. It does the opposite.

I could say more, but I've spent way too much time on this video. Anyway, good song although it sounds like it's been done before.

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