Thursday, November 15, 2012

American Horror Story Season 2, A Weird Addiction

What The Hell? This is the first question that comes to mind every Wednesday night while watching American Horror Story. Well sometimes I watch the show a little later because of other obligations, but that's not important. I've become a faithful addict of American Horror Story Season 2.

This is not like the first season. Season one was all about a haunted house that kept the souls of everywhere that moved in alive and trapped. At the end of season one that creepy half dead baby was born. That story line could have only continued one way, but the makes of AHS did not do it. Thank God. Instead they came back with an asylum full of crazy people. Wait, an asylum is supposed to have crazy people, but this one even has crazy staff. It's all so crazy. I don't know how to go completely in detail of how awesomely crazy this season is, so here are a couple of characters and moments that have kept my head spinning and waiting for more answers.

Crazy Characters  That Have Captured My Heart

  • Sister Jude, played by actress Jessica Lange, is a nunn/owner of Briarcliff Manor. She's supposed to keep the asylum running smoothly, but instead allows her staff to do whatever they want to the patients. Even if the methods involve torturing and killing patients for no reason, she's cool with it. After all, Sister Jude has her own demons to deal with. She can't save the patients too. 

The thing about Sister Jude is in season one she played the nosy neighbor who was addicted to the haunted house. One reason was because her sons were ghosts there.

  • Kitt Walker is another one of my favorite. He was sent to the asylum because he's accused of killing multiple women. The thing is in the first season he played a ghost who didn't remember shooting up a library full of students. This season he has no recollection of killing women. Does it matter? In this crazy place, whether guilty or innocent he's being tortured. 

Kitt has been beat 40 times for trying to run away, locked up in a space by himself, and forced to confess to murders he didn't commit. Well, actually did he confess? I think the doctor/psychiatrist confesses for him.

  • Lana Winters is the journalist who is forced against her will to become a patient in the asylum. Sister Jude did this because she assumed Lana was there simply get the asylum shut down. Oh and in the first season Lana, called Constance then, was a psychic in the first season. 

Her role keeps getting more and more intense. She's so stupid. In the first attempt to escape she ruins it because she doesn't want the accused woman-killer to get out. Then she hands herself over to more danger while trying to escape.

  • Shelly in the beginning was my favorite character. She was the most sexual woman ever and no one could change that. Then the physician really fucked her up. He cut her legs off. 

Questions That Have Come Up

  • How Did A Sinner Get Put In A Position To Run An Asylum?

Well not any sinner, but a nunn. Clearly Sister Jude has not dealt with any issues. She starts off as an evil woman on the first episode. She did force a journalist to become a patient for no real reason. However, Sister Jude keeps having these flashbacks to killing some girl with her car and driving off. She also remembers her days of putting on red lipstick and pleasing men. In fact in the last episode Sister Jude says fuck the aylum, slides on her red lipstick and a pretty dress, and meets a man to have sex with.

  • Is Anyone Checking For The Missing Patients?

One patient was murdered by Sister Mary Eunice. She's the nunn that seems to be afraid of Sister Jude. Around the same time the physician cuts off Shelley's legs and locked her in his office. Was no one checking for her? I thought she was famous for giving out sexual favors to everyone. If the man that was pleasing me disappeared, I'd look for him.

  • Are There Any Normal People In This Asylum?

Sister Jude keeps breaking down from cruel memories. The physician is doing unnecessary surgery on patients just for fun. Sister Mary Eunice is a killer and has a wild side. The psychiatrist, we discovered, is putting on a bloody masked and killing women. He uses their skin to create lampshades and curtains. Even if the patients were normal, they've been tortured to the point of craziness.

  • Is The Real Bloody Masked Killer Ever Caught?

Well, we know the psychiatrist is putting on a mask and killing women, but Kitt has been blamed for his crimes. Do the police ever realize the crimes are continuing long after the supposed-killer is caught? They have to realize it. The couple that has a sexual fetish for haunted places are in Briarcliff after it has been shut down, but there's a killer lurking the halls.

I absolutely love the show. It's my weird addiction. Are you watching too?

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