Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Basketball Wives LA Season 2, My Thoughts So Far

Have you been watching the second season of Basketball Wives LA? I have. It's not as messy as the first season. During this first season Jackie was a very successful puppet master. She played everyone against each other. She forced everyone into bullying Draya, who seems headstrung on being a lesbian this season. Then she gossiped about all the other women to each other. Okay, all those bitches were gossiping. That's what they did to pull off a highly rated show. This second season is different. Oh, Jackie is still a drama queen, but she's not playing anyone. In fact in several episodes she's gotten played and it's the other women continually pulling the strings. Wait, let me break it down with some facts that's been pointed out.

#1 Strings are being pulled everywhere.
Instead of Jackie playing bully, Laura is trying to take full control this season. She talks about Jackie behind her back, Draya (who she never liked), and she's playing with her own sister's feelings. Laura, how do you neglect Gloria when she needs you?

Bambi is pulling Malaysia's strings. Well, then again they're supposed to be best friends. Malaysia won't be friends with someone that Bambi is against. She's confronted Brooke and Laura. But then when it comes to Laura, Bambi is getting her strings pulled by Jackie. Bambi, didn't you watch the show  before being on it? Jackie will turn on you when you least expect it. She has multiple personality disorder.

Then there's Draya. Draya doesn't have any strings being pulled by anyone. She's living in her own world this season. Neither Jackie nor Laura can faze her. She's making herself look good and being the only person that embarrasses her.

Brooke must have watched the first season. She's cool as long as no one offends her, but she's not afraid to put that hair in a ponytail. Did you see her hair and Jackie's after that fight? Yeah, Brooke isn't playing.

#2 Family members are finally being claimed.

Well in the first season we were introduced to everyone's family, but Jackie's. Of course her husband was by her side, but she only claimed one daughter. However, that daughter popped up on twitter and dogged her out real good. We didn't know the full extent, but we did know she was broke with kids and Jackie refused to do anything to help. Now that angry girl has a face. Jackie is claiming her, but refuses to acknowledge any pain she caused.

#3 There's no acknowledgment of any pain caused.

This show is almost like a Tyler Perry movie. You know how in every script Tyler forces the family to reveal a huge secret that is painful for everyone, but then the pain never gets addressed. They just become a dysfunctional happy family. This is Basketball Wives LA.

During the first reunion show Draya said "Fuck all you Bitches." So why is she acting all buddy buddy with them this season? And Jackie was a mean old woman putting on fake smiles the first season. Why has she not apologized for all the hurt she spread, but she wants others to feel bad for her? She needs to chill for real. Then Laura is playing bully. I really want to know what women have done to Laura to cause her to be so angry all the time, but in true Tyler Perry fashion we'll never find out. Wait, I'm sorry Tyler. This is Shaunie  O'Neal trying to copy you, but using reality.

I honestly want to stop watching this show, but I can't. Part of me is drawn to the drama. Part of me wants to see all the issues really get addressed, so black women can stop being portrayed so badly.

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