Friday, November 16, 2012

Should We Hate Laura Govan?

Out of all the women on Basketball Wives, I respect Laura Govan the most. From the beginning her opinion hasn't changed. Laura is there to make only Laura happy. However, this season some people have tried to make her look two-faced. How?

Of all the women in season two Laura is the only one that does not play best friends forever with Jackie. Jackie has given all of the women reasons to hate her guts and Laura is holding on to those memories. People find that being two-faced. But when did Laura ever try to be the happiest of friends with Jackie? In season one upon meeting they did seem cool. However, Laura changed when seeing the real Jackie. Then there is Draya.

In season one Laura did not like Draya. There was one episode where Laura put on gloves and beat Draya up in a ring with no real warning. This season she hasn't changed. While she's not beating her up, Laura has not become best of friends with Draya either. They don't share much camera time unless it's a bunch of other women around.

Then there is how Laura comes off to her own sister. Obviously she loves her sister, but Laura is not being the shadow of Gloria. She's barely there to given Gloria advice (at least in front of the cameras).

I don't dislike her at all. I actually like and respect Laura for being herself.

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