Wednesday, November 14, 2012

If He's Taken, Why Don't He Just Shut Up?

Every day on twitter a married man (or just a man in a relationship) decides to tweet a bunch of advice about what he likes in a woman. After several days, weeks, or maybe months of pointless advice women start following him from all over the world. They hang on his every word hoping to catch the man of their dreams. Some of these women even imagine him as the man of their dreams, except there's one problem. He's in a relationship already or married. Yeah, he walked some woman down the aisle that fits what he wants. He's confessed with his mouth that she cooks, cleans, has fun, and bears children just the way he appreciates. So why is he out there telling all these other women what he wants in a woman?

For some reason these men convince themselves after some time that every man wants the same thing in a woman as them. One example is Tony Gaskins. He was never someone I stalked for advice or even ever met. He just randomly requested me on Facebook one day. Neither of us have followed each other on twitter. At that time, years ago, he was just starting out his relationship expert career, but he was already married. His advice to me seemed irrelevant. I was also good friends with someone who went to high school with him and she asked what I thought. His views were simply outdated, but since his wife fit his description none of it mattered. Now it's years later and this man has lots of Facebook friends and thousands of women followers on twitter, but his advice hasn't changed. Why is he doing it? What's his point? He's found the woman of his dreams, so why is he giving women advice that not every man is looking for?

Recently several people from the twitter world was tired of his pointless advice and they roasted him. The tweets were hilarious. However, Gaskins isn't the only man that does this. There are several others out there. Every some man creates a twitter page and gets the attention of thousands of women by just tweeting their versions of relationship advice. Their words become Tyler Perry scripts were the woman never actually gets the man by following his words.

I don't want relationship advice from the married man, or the man that's about to propose to the woman of his dreams. Give me the single man that I can relate to, the single man still looking for the woman of his dreams, the single man that understands he and his woman have to compliment each other, the one whose words actually have purpose.

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