Friday, February 22, 2013

Acquaintances With Benefits (Poem)

I thought 2012 was the year of finding myself, but this journey is leaking into 2013. This year my blog is less about celebrities and more about myself. I've been thinking about a situation a lot lately. This is probably something that my mind will continually try to interpret in a million different ways. Below is one. Enjoy!!!

Acquaintances With Benefits 

He was using me for sex.
I was using him to release stress.
Built up energy from long hours at work.
Pint of energy from not getting out enough.
The first time was wild.
For a while I'd try to hide my passion
But on the night I came back alive.
Sexually frustrated no more
Curious if this was just a fling
Or if this stranger was trying to turn this into the real thing
Could love be born from lust?
How long could this go on?
How long before someone would want more?
We were strangers
Or maybe casual acquaintances
But through sex we were trying to create a friendship
Just friends???
His demands said more
Ideas of having sex on the rooftop in the middle of the night
The rest of the world would be sleep
Our noise would fall on deaf ears
Or during sex inviting a friend
Two is just enough
But three could be a crowd
Making plans but being sure to keep it casual
It was all becoming too much
How could I explain to a person I'd agreed to let use me, he was becoming part of my stress? So I did what a Scorpio does best. Didn't talk about it. Just left. The problem with these casualties is figuring out how to emotionally move on.

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