Monday, February 11, 2013

Put A Person In Check If...

you feel they're coming at you the wrong way? I've been watching Real Housewives of Atlanta this season and newcomer Porsha Stewart (married to Kordell Stewart) has not wasted any time joining in the drama.

Well she didn't exactly immediately jump into drama with any of the other women. They spoke on her because of her lack of intelligence. On one episode she said "265 days of the year." She also said something about not wanting to be pregnant five times cause she wants two sets of twins. Later it kind of made since she she wants five kids and had a miscarriage already. Who knows? It has been very obvious that Porsha is not the smartest woman. However, Porsha married a man who does not back down from what could be determined as conflict.

On several occasions Porsha has went to her husband, Kordell Stewart, and he talked her into checking the person she was mad at. Kenya was the first. Kordell said put her in check and result was more hate. The minute Porsha brought up the issue that was on her mind, Kenya was ready to defend herself. They talked until a fight almost broke out. Clearly Porsha couldn't fight, so it's good it wasn't taken too far. Kenya did not want to settle anything or be talked down to. In the end they both realized that their issues could not be resolved. Then comes last night's episode.

This episode shows how much Porsha is not used to working. Clearly she can run a household. She knows how to throw parties, look pretty, and tell others how to clean up. She makes a good wife too. She listens to Kordell. However, she's not used to working. Cynthia hired Porsha to do work, but Porsha was slacking off. Then she turned around and fired her because the job wasn't getting done. Ouch! The conversation was supposed  be about Porsha laying her issues on the table. Instead she got fired from a job she wasn't even getting paid for. The battle was not hers.

Trying to put people in check has not worked for Porsha. She doesn't have what it takes to do that. However, should the rest of us consider it? If you're angry, should you try to talk it out with the person that made you angry?

I used to be that person that never talked it out. I'd either let the issue drive me crazy on the inside or just cut myself off from that certain person. However, I became more verbal. I'd let all the anger I'd been holding in out on someone. It felt good. That got old though. I'm still verbal every now and then, but not as down for the angry nature. There's a time and place for everything though. Maybe sometimes it's okay to let your emotions out on someone.

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