Friday, February 1, 2013

The Month Of Love?

His eyes catch her attention.
His lips say just stop and listen.
His hands reach out for hers.
 His skin feels so soft she could melt within it.
 His body yearns for her desire.
She can feel him against her growing harder.
She can imagine him inside her.
How did she get so close?
When did he start to embrace her?
She lets him hold her.
It feels so natural.
Her body starts to feel weak.
He whispers naughty words to get her wet.
"I don't want to love you. I just want to fuck you.Your body is beautiful. Pretty face, perky breasts, soft thighs. Let me spread them wide. I want your legs cocked up in the air. Scream my name while I pull your hair."
Who is this man that wants her so bad?
Where did he come from?
Is sex his only intention?
What if she wants more?
Does she want more?
She has so much love to offer.
 It's being smothered inside her.
Should she release it?
Is he worth it?
His sexual ways have already enticed her.
His mouth says it's okay to be in compliance.
She doesn't feel like fighting, so she settles.
She'll settle for moments of intense pleasure.
She'll settle for no words the morning after.
She'll settle for no him on Valentines Day.
But she'll accept him whenever he's ready again.
Part of her feels alright with the decision.
It's the month of February.
It used to be the month of love.
However, times have changed.

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