Tuesday, February 5, 2013

His Heart, My Heart (Poem)

Disclaimer: This is not a man hating poem. This time I'm the victim and the criminal.

How do I sleep when I can hear his heart beat?
As I rest my head on his chest, how do I live with the fact that I've settled for less?
After a night of passionate sex he's trying to keep me close, but how can I sleep with images of him resting so peacefully?

The night was special. Even more than the sex, his words were incredible. Something about him claiming the pussy is his while I ride his dick makes me feel special. But I'm tripping. He's not my man and it'll probably be weeks before we speak and do this again.

How do I handle the night's when we're not together?

Sometimes I feel lonely. Sometimes I try to block him out of my mind and search for a new homie.

 But how do I prepare for a new man?

The sex is incredible. The conversations are shallow.His lack of wanting to be serious leaves me lost. The way he abandons me hurts my feelings.

Whose going to fix my broken heart?

I've been over this a thousand times. Different face, different man, but the same game.

I'm tired of this, but yet I've lost the drive to fight it.

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