Monday, February 25, 2013

Bad (Poem) Wale/Tiara Thomas Cover


Late night texts
Or short phone calls
Getting straight to the point
Do you wanna fuck
Cause I wanna fuck you
Setting the mood
Talking ‘bout wasting no time
We can do it on the couch
Or the living room floor
Leaving carpet burns on my back
Please make it rough
Don’t be shy
I’ve done this before
I’m not sure how to love
Not sure of affection
But I can feel our sexual attraction

I’m a bad girl
I’m good at it
I’ll be good in bed
I can be a real freak
But no clue about being a girlfriend

Rushing to your house
You got that nice porn bed
Or coming to mine
Create a more intimate set
Doing a little foreplay
Please excuse my hands
And I’ll excuse your lips
They wanna taste and explore
While we slow strip
Our clothes coming off
Where we gonna do this
The bedroom if you wanna be intimate
The shower if you got confidence
You said no commitment
So I won’t pretend to be your girlfriend
But tonight you have a high class freak

I’m a bad girl
I’m good at it
I’ll be good in bed
And afterwards real emotionless
No love here

He hurt her feelings
Set out to break her heart
It was all planned from the mothafuckin’ start
She had a housewife attitude
He wanted her to be his heaux
Over and over again
She feels played
Teach her how to love?
All he wanna do is lust
Used to be summer time fine
But now she winter time cold
Not sure which nigga to trust anymore
But she’s gotten good at being a bad girl
Plays the role
Gives him that good sex
And ends it as he’s heading for his car


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