Monday, February 4, 2013

Professional Or Trashy- Keyshia Cole Insults Michelle Williams

The second quarter of the 2013 super bowl had just ended. All eyes were on Beyonce as she danced her ass off, sang, and made stans faint. Then a rumor that had been circulating for weeks came true. Destiny's Child were reuniting for the moment.

Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams appeared out of nowhere and immediately started singing. It's hard to tell where they came from. There was so many fireworks and flashy lights. There was even a moment where it looked like 20 million Beyone's were on stage. But they came from wherever they had been hiding.

Kelly shined while Michelle looked like a talented teenager that had been pushed up out into the spotlight. There's nothing wrong with that. Michelle has been trying to build a gospel career. At least that's what I last heard. Anyway, while they performed another singer sat at home and heavily hated on Michelle. That singer is Keyshia Cole.

Now Keyshia is no stranger to the wrath of online hate so probably knew she was going to hear craziness from people. That didn't stop her though. The first tweet where she praised Beyonce is to the right. Read the rest of them below.

 While Michelle Williams name hasn't been mentioned much in the media, neither has Keyshia Cole's. Her last attempt at a reality show received poor ratings. Do you think this twitter rant was appropriate?

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