Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Never Should Have (Poem)

Around 24 hours ago while listening to Ashanti's new song Never Should Have, a poem came to mind. I quickly wrote it and placed it under the music video. However, then I realized it belonged in a post by itself. It's from the heart. In was really caught up in my emotions. Enjoy!

Never Should Have

You never should have approached me.
Never should have caught my attention
I should have noticed the signs
You were very self-centered
But I was willing to listen
Even though you were destined to use me
Empty your emotions into my mind
Make me feel sorry for you
In ways make me care for you
Even though it was obvious from the start
You were destined to break my heart
You never should have touched me
Never should have held me
Never should have kissed me
Never should have sexed me
And I never should have let you
You became so close
And of all the Bitches in the world,
I probably needed it the most
Needed your passion to feel me up
Needed to be left with superficial words
Needed to think someone other than me thought of me as sexy
Damn and you probably don’t feel the same
Probably think of me as just a memory
Just another number lost in your iPhone
And even though I never should have given it to you
Never should have let you come over, sleepovers
Never should have let our passion collide
My plan was to make you feel everything I felt inside
Even though I’m trying to sort through my scorned heart
I’d probably do it all over again

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