Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Preacher's Daughters Episode Three

Episode three of Preacher's Daughters has started off where episode two left off. Taylor is forever grounded for lying and going to a hotel with boys. Kolby is disappointed in her older sister for having sex before marriage. I thought that didn't matter in 2013. Olivia is still digesting that she let a wack ass dude get her pregnant. Can I cuss in a post about church folks? This show is wild enough for it.

Taylor Coleman
Taylor was initially grounded. However, her parents decided to lighten up and let her go bowling with friends. As soon as she goes out, the topic of sex comes up. Taylor is okay with kissing, but not with sex. She wears a purity ring to represent no sexual activity until marriage. How long will that last? While with her friends at the bowling alley, her ex that is into illegal activities shows up. He seems like he wants to start some trouble too. Is Taylor still tempted? Bad boys ain't no good, but they are a lot of fun.

There is a confessional. Taylor says men want relationships. Her father says men want relationship. Who do you agree with?

19 minutes in and Taylor is still at the bowling alley. However, she is leaving to make her curfew. Her ex is flirting, but since the friends she is hanging with are church folk she turns him down. She doesn't want anyone running back to her parents with stories.

At some point Taylor decides to open up to her dad. She asks him if she can go on a date. When asked his name, he says it sounds demonic. Her ex boy does have a ghetto name.

"I'm not going to let Taylor go on a date with some demon. It's like putting her in the hands of the devil. It's not gonna happen."

I tried to get the quote as accurate as possible. Taylor's dad is serious about her not dating. Maybe if she wouldn't have lied he'd be more open. Maybe.

"As a young man I walked in the lust of my flesh."

Taylor's dad makes some confessions. One is that Taylor and her step sister were born around the same time. He's a pastor. His daughters have different mothers, but they are around the same age. He married Taylor's mom, but around that time at a side chick. He was a wild man. He couldn't keep his penis in his pants. Did condoms not exist back then?

Taylor's dad rethinks everything and decides to let her date. The catch is that it has to be a double date with him and her mom. He wants her to know what dating feels like before she gets to college and is lost. Hah! I was one of those lost girls, so I agree.

Kolby Koloff
As much as Kolby is annoyed with her mother, she hangs with her a lot. She goes to her radio show, get manicures and pedicures, and is very open with her. Maybe Kolby isn't as bothered by her life as she tries to come off. However, Kolby is still confused about her older sister.

At some point in the show Kolby's sister invites her over for arts and crafts. She doesn't want her sister disappointed. They talk it out. These girls are so emotional about the topic of sex. It is a big deal, but wow still. Kolby says she wants to be a virgin until marriage to make God proud. That's deep for a 16 year old.

Micah, the boyfriend, makes an appearance toward the end of the show. Kolby is nervous because she is thinking of all the evil temptations that comes with dating. The odd part is her boyfriend never mentioned anything evil. She's jumping. Men say we women jump to conclusions a whole lot. She's just a teen and she's already on the confusing route. Damn, I feel bad because Micah was genuinely hurt.

Olivia Perry
Olivia is dealing with the father of her son possibly taking him away from her. Pastor Mark Perry is continually saying they just have to pray.

While working, a guy name Frankie walks into Olivia's store. She says he is from her days of wild partying. He wants to hang out. He compliments her on her shape. She blushes as she accepts. While on the date they talk a couple things. What's shown on television is him asking her if she still does crazy stuff. She laughs throughout the conversation. He also brings up the baby a lot. Dang, he's not even the father. Although a good man is a man who can bring up your child naturally in the conversation even if the child's not his.

Toward's the end Olivia's parents want to know who she was with. She is truthful. They thought she was wrong for hanging with him. He is after all from her troubled past. They also thinks that just because she's grown, she needs to let them know what she is doing. She does still live at home.

I'll end the post on my favorite quote of the episode.

"I have total faith in her in one sense, but loves a wild card."-- Pastor Mark Perry

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