Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Premiere of Preacher's Daughters

A new series called Preacher's Daughters premiered on Lifetime this week. Is Lifetime trying to beat Vh1 with wild reality television? We're about to find out.

Preachers Daughters features several different preachers struggling to raise their daughters. While the parents are trying to preach a message to the church, the daughters are struggling to find their freedom. Many of these daughters clash with their parents for various reason. The first episode hi-lighted two of the biggest problems, sex and dating.


Taylor Coleman is the daughter of Ken and Marie Coleman. While her parents are trying to preach the words of the bible, she focuses on dating and fantasizing about how free porn stars are. Her parents are super controlling. "You can't give them too much rope because they'll hang themselves." At the beginning of the episode Pastor Ken Coleman makes this statement. However, throughout the episode it seems like not giving his daughter enough freedom is leading her to hang herself. She tries to be an Angelic daughter, but she's lying to them about where she is going.

The statement of fantasizing about possibly being a porrn star was taken out of context to me. Generally when a girl is being put in a controlled environment, she fantasizes about something totally opposite of her life. A few girls might take it seriously, but most are doing it in a joking manner. She was joking her her sister. Her parents couldn't see the joke, because they are over-protective.

(I fantasized about being a video vixen and my parents are not even preachers.)


Olivia Perry is the daughter of Pastor Mark Perry. Her issues are she's had her license suspended for doing drugs and getting into a car accident while under the influence. She also ended up pregnant and is not sure who the father is. Her son could either be a guy name Shawn or a guy name Jay. Her family, while stunned, is very supportive.

They are not just struggling with Olivia though. One of her sisters is a weed smoker, so her parents are really struggling to get their children down the right path. The other sister doesn't seem as bad, but none of them are wearing their promise rings. In some churches their are ceremonies that end with teens getting promise rings that are supposed to signify them not having sex until marriage.

(My church had it several times when I was a teen. My parents never let me attend tough. It was always around the same time as college homecomings.)


Kolby Koloff is the daughter Pastor Nikita Koloff. Their story is a little different than the others because Kolby's parents are divorce. Plus her mother Victoria Koloff, who is also a pastor, is more of a nightmare than her father. During the first episode Victoria embarrasses her daughter with lots of sex talk. She even gives her daughter's potential boyfriend a survey of 10 dating questions.

This show  is wild, but not in a Vh1 type of way. I can handle this craziness without losing some intelligence. I'm looking forward to more episodes.

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