Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tell Me Am I Losing You (Poem)

I'm currently in a writing mood. Well, I could just be in my feelings too. In the following I was thinking about how men come and go so easily. They play with our emotions without always realizing they are playing games. They tell us what they want us to hear even though sometimes we just need to hear the truth. 

As I write the following poem I was listening to both Losing You by Solange and Fumble My Heart by Trey Songz. Enjoy!!! 

Tell me the truth
Am losing you?
From the start they said you’d fumble my heart
They said you’d continually take until you tore me apart
Work by your schedule to take me out
But the dinners were nice
Help you keep a clean house
But I wasn't your girlfriend yet
Give you passionate love making sessions
Invest all my energy in making the moments special
But you thought we were just having sex
And you don’t want the sex as much anymore
Nor are you calling and texting as much
Is there another girl?
Tell me the truth
Am I losing you?

Tell me the truth
Did I ever have you?
From the start they told me you were bad news
You've been striving for success
A potential husband to financially provide for the house
And I've been fighting to be by your side
Fighting to continually stroke your ego
Fighting to help your goals come true
After all you’re the best at what you do
At least that’s what we should tell you
But the more you work the more you focus on yourself
Do you even see me anymore?
Going to your events looking like a groupie
And falling asleep in your bed
But for some reason you’re not there
And it hurts to be ignored
But I don’t wanna give up on you
So just tell me the truth
Did I ever have you?

Tell me the truth
Do we exist anymore?
I don’t know why I fight it
Clearly we are through
But let me know
Do we still have a chance at being friends?
I’m trying to hold onto our happy memories
I can handle sex no more
But can we even continue to stand in the same room?
I've given so much of myself to you
What is it that I have left?
Tell me
Can you give me some of my energy back?
I don’t know what I did wrong
I don’t know how I hurt you
Can you reassure me that I’ll make it on my own?
Tell me the truth
I want to eventually move on


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