Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Preacher's Daughters Episode Two

Episode two of Preacher's Daughters came quick. Maybe the week just went by fast. Well, the drama is being turned up a notch in each family.
Taylor Coleman 
Taylor Coleman is a liar and her parents haven't realized it yet. However, they are trying to lighten up on her. They see she needs some freedom, so they are working on giving that to her.

Since Taylor has a little freedom, in episode two she goes to a party at some hotel. Her parents think she is at a friend's house. Her ex boyfriend that she might get back with is there. This guy is a smoker, drinker, and probably does other drugs. Taylor says none of his friend's are the type of men she would let meet her dad. He is definitely the opposite of what her parents want for her too. Too bad she doesn't care. Oh, and of course Taylor's parents finds out she lied. That alibi was not tight enough.

The next day Taylor is asked what happened at her friend Quanti's house. She says "Same Old" and tries to change the subject. However, her mom really wants to know what happened so she talks to this girl Quanti's mom. Nosy ass parents. Her friend's mom said no one was at her house. Her friend's alibi was that they were at Taylor's house. Then the friend breaks down and tells the truth.

How is embarrassing is it for a pastor to find out her daughter was with a boy in a hotel room while getting her hair done? Everyone hears as she finds out for the first time. Not only are the people at the salon finding out. It is also being recorded on camera for the world to see.

Then the dad finds out. He all of a sudden goes back to his rule of not giving a child too much room. He is a stupid man. Not giving his child any room to breathe is what has her lying to him in the first place. Stupid Man.

"What happened at Quanti's house?" They tried to take the higher road. They really wanted Taylor to confess. She kept lying. They're stuck on what Christians do. Taylor just wants to have fun. She did feel bad for betraying her mom's trust.
Olivia Perry 
Olivia Perry, on the other hand, is working on finding out who the father of her child is. That has to be devastating for her. She's the daughter of a pastor. Her father has always expected her to act upon what the bible says. She didn't. She got pregnant. She has a beautiful child and the options of baby daddies she chose sucks. Even with knowing who her child's father is, there is no guarantee that man will stay in that baby's life.

"Nothing can separate us from the love of God." Throughout her struggles Olivia is very positive. In the first episode she gave her parent's more bad news and their reaction was to pray. I see why she is so positive. Episode two shows Olivia trying to get more involved with the church. Pastor Mark Perry also confesses that as a teen he smoked weed. All pastors have a past.

So Olivia is trying to gradually get back into a normal life. One step is doing hookah with her friends. That can be relaxing sometimes. Then toward's the end of the episode Olivia finds out Jay, the guy she really did not want to be her child's father, is the father. Part of her fear is him being an absentee father. The other part is that he will have visitation rights. She should have never had sex with the man.

Kolby Koloff
Kolby Koloff is the daughter who continually gets embarrassed by her mom's insistent sex talks. I think she is overreacting.

In episode two her family gets together for photos and bonding. Well, one of her sisters is throwing a party. Kolby's boyfriend, Micah, also shows up to meet the family. He is a sweetheart. Although he is nice, Kolby's mom stalks them instead of paying attention to the rest of her family.

The interesting part is Kolby talks to Micah about their expectations. Damn, she's a teen talking about boundaries in a relationship, but some of us older people can't even do that. Who knew the teen of a pastor could do something much smarter than a lot of us adults?

That question is so real to this episode. While Kolby is being responsible, her sister Teryn decides to announce that she wasn't a virgin when she was married. However, how many people wait until they are married to have sex? One of the preacher's daughters confessed she wasn't a virgin before marriage. Her mom was in disbelief. Kolby was so shocked she cried. Her perception of her big sister has changed.

These people have such high expectations of their children. However, their children are not even trying to live up to those expectations. There is a lesson here.

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