Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Being Mary Jane Meets Gabrielle Union, Sandrina Schultz Plays The Side Chick

In a week Gabrielle Union will be the side chick to a fine ass man in the new BET series "Being Mary Jane." I've been anticipating this show coming back. Her character, Mary Jane, plays a hardworking journalist without any type of love life. To cope, she has casual sex with a married man and the man's wife knows about it. However, in reality Gabby is the faithful woman and Sandrina Schultz is taking the side chick role. You may be wondering who Sandrina is.

In the past 24 hours news broke out that Dwayne Wade has a new child. That child is not by Gabby though. Instead it is Sandrina's. The story is D. Wade and Gabby split up for a short period. During that time he was free to see whoever he wanted. In being free he didn't even consider wearing condoms. You'd think a millionaire would strap up with all the gold diggers chasing after him. D. Wade doesn't though and Sandrina became a lucky mom from it. Come to think of it, I would have kept the baby too.  No birth control. No pulling out.

There's more. Supposedly Sandy and Wade have known each other for a while and he's financed her for some time. He's not the only one she's profiting off of. Good gold diggers have several different business ventures. Another one of her men has been Lamar Odom. In early 2013 Sandy received her first 15 minutes of fame by being Lamar's mistress and discussing his drug habits with news outlets.

It looks like gold diggers are winning big time. Just recently Evelyn Lozada did announce she is having a baby and engaged to a man worth $75 million. This is Evelyn's third time receiving an engagement ring. If they make it to the alter, it'll be her second marriage. Then there is Karrine Steffans, who is still profiting off of her book "Diary of a Video Vixen" and has her own publishing company. Both of these women have been with quite a few celebrities, so Sandrina will be getting passed around.

Sandrina will have more cash flowing in from other men. D. Wade isn't the last. Gabby is not about to give him up. They're just both stuck with her for a long time.

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