Monday, December 30, 2013

#ThickerThanWater The Message Behind Thicker Than Water

Brooklyn Tankard, the daughter of Ben and Jewel Tankard, is a name that Bravo has made sure to embed in our minds. In fact, her hustle game is so thorough that she could be eligible for a spin-off show. I'd rather see Brooklyn than the rest of the cast.

Initially what we knew about Brooklyn was that she's the oldest of her siblings, came from a single parent household, became a mother at the age of 14, and started hustling at an early age. Her hustle skills birthed the Kitty Kabin lounge, an illegal strip club, that lasted for a couple years. It ended when she was arrested on the night of her 21st birthday. Afterward, her (at the time) estranged father decided to move her and her daughter into his house. Now while living under her parents roof, she is also trying to build a lucrative hair business. From watching the show you can tell Ben and Jewel do not mind all of their children under one roof no matter how old they are or who they are married to.

On the show Brooklyn is trying to prove to her parents and siblings that she is responsible. From the very first episode they start pointing out her past issues. They want her to do better, but it is obvious they don't trust her judgement. It gets real serious when Ben and Jewel pull her to the side and talk about possibly adopting her child. The conversation comes from when the financial manager for Brooklyn calls Jewel and says Brooklyn has been drinking. While it is none of her parents business, they feel the need to get involved. This is probably why her hair show in this latest episode turned out so well.

Did you ever think you would hear "twerk that" on a show about Gospel people? Although Ben is a preacher and became rich from the gospel industry, Brooklyn's music is up-to-date with whatever is on the radio and her hair styles were good enough to make people watch. She surprised everyone. This was not the girl we saw in episode one.

Every reality show has that one cast member who needs to be heard most. "Thicker Than Water" was all about Brooklyn showing that she had grown away from her once self-destructive ways. If you were impressed by the hair, you can purchase the virgin hair at her website,

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