Friday, December 13, 2013

Beyonce Drops New Self Titled Album + Why She's A Legend

The papparrazzi is slacking. Someone should have secretly caught Beyonce in the studio this year recording new music. The music leakers must have been sleeping. Usually music gets leaked before it's for sale. However, overnight everyone was blindsided Bey's new self titled album.
While we were discussing her very expensive worldwide tour and lack of new music making, Beyonce surprised us all and dropped a bunch of new songs. It's 14 singles and 17 videos. These songs aren't all about women in power or celebrating single womanhood. It's all about the sexiness that goes down between soul-mates. It makes me wish I had a boo for cuffing season. 
Most of the time when artists unexpected surprise us with work, what they did sucks. However, Beyonce is going to be the only artist I hear for the next couple months. This is the Christmas present we were all looking forward to. 

List of Songs
Pretty Hurts & video
Haunted & video
Drunk In Love &video
Blow & video
No Angel (My Favorite) & video
Partition & video
Jealous & video
Mine & video
XO & video
Flawless & video
Superpower & video
Heaven & video
Blue & video
Ghost (Video)
Grown Woman (Video)
Yonce (Video)

This has to be the best year in music in a long time. 

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