Friday, December 6, 2013

Some of The Best Advice From Blogs Lately

I've been reading a lot. Well, after picking up my very first book way back when I just never got tired of the art known as new creation. Creation comes in all forms, but lately my favorite type has been blogging. It's not my own posts though. It's the posts of others and they have a lot of knowledge to offer. The following are a few thoughts I have after reading a couple of blogs. Once you finish this, make sure you support them.

"I'm Not Ready For a Relationship." Ty over at Twenties Unscripted touched on this subject. That phrase has to be the most annoying thing to ever escape a man's mouth. The reality is none of us are ever ready for a relationship. As kid we're not ready for that first day of school. I was for was not ready for that first time my period came on. We're not ready to get away from our parents and journey into the real world at 18. We're not ready for all the bills that come flying at us as adults. However, all of it is what we want. We want the responsibilities, the adventures, the ability to control our own household, a house that is eventually filled with more than one person. We want all that we're not ready for. However, if a man tells you he's not ready for a relationship believe him and leave him alone. No matter how much someone says they want something, you can't force them to actually take the risk of going after it if they really don't want to purse it in that moment.

"The Audacity of Hope." Brenda over at Cake and Eggs wrote a piece on this. "Who are we to hope for love, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and live in a world where we are judged on our character before our skin color?" I remember a time where every goal fell out of my mouth created a laugh from others. Some of those laughing were family members and others were friends. The only time I was really joking was when I talked about dropping out of school to become a prostitute. Prostitutes actually make a lot of money though. Those laughs have phased me. They've created this fear that involves being laughed at about every single thought I have. How can I succeed when I'm always afraid they'll laugh at me, when I'm afraid they'll never believe in me? I'm trying to shake the feeling. Back when Elle Varner came out with her song "Refill" I decided that I needed to develop a "This glass needs a refill" attitude. Basically I'm trying to stick what comes into my mind regardless of what anyone else thinks. It's a work-in-progress.

"The Single Girls Guide To Surviving Cuffing Season." This one is from RomanticlyRo. Judging the by list of ideas that us single ladies can pull off during this cuffing season, it looks as if I'm living life right. I don't like meeting men during the winter time anyway. They are usually the ones that quickly say "I'm not ready for a relationship." I'd rather meet a man standing outside with his white t-shirt sticking to his chiseled chest after a nice work-out.

What have you been reading lately?

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  1. I've been reading because I enjoy one of their writers named Jewels. She also has her own site over at I also read for comedy relief. Creative guy. I also read Ty's page and bounce around to different relationship sites.