Thursday, December 12, 2013

Levina Lye "Fade Away" Music Video and What Inspires Her

22 year old Levina Lye is here to help you "Fade Away" and feel good about it. That is fade away to some good music at the moment. We all need to get away at some point.

"It numbs the brain, drowns out the bullshit that lives in my brain. Keeps me from going completely insane."

A few months back Levina Lye told what inspires her to do music. She said, "My inspiration comes from life. Being hurt, being happy, being sad, it comes from all of that. I just build off of my emotions and convey them very strongly in my music." Check out the full interview here

We all need to escape from our environment at some point. Whether it's through smoking, lovemaking, or precious time alone, it is needed. However, music makes the escape even better. I think "Fade Away," Levina's first single from her upcoming EP "Pieces of Me," expresses her emotions very well. It also helps us to connect. Listen and watch the music video for "Fade Away" below. 

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