Tuesday, December 10, 2013

#LHHNY A Couple Thoughts On Love & Hip Hop New York

How can you continue to believe in love when you watch a reality television show that continually destroys the image of what love is supposed to be? I'm pretty sure just like me, you were tuned into the latest episode of "Love and Hip Hop New York." It was respectively titled "Messy All Over The World." Below are a couple reasons why.

Erica Jean and Saigon
Previously Saigon called Erica Jean every name in the book, because he couldn't articulate that their son was having learning issues. This episode started off with an apology. Saigon regained self control and said how sorry he is. Apparently his father was always yelling at his mother during his childhood. He doesn't want to see his children go through the same drama. Well, that is definitely positive.

Yandy Smith
Years ago I wanted to stand up for Yandy. Remember the days where she was Jim Jones manager and Chrissy hated every single thing about her? I didn't see the issues that Chrissy saw. Now it's apparent. Yandy may be a powerful woman, but she has some issues with minding her own business. In fact she has issues within her own business, both personal and professional.

Throughout this current season Yandy wants us to believe that Mendeecees should be home raising his family. The problem is he sold drugs in the worst of all places in the United States. In New York they lock you under the prison and forget about you. That's probably why after all this time he still hasn't had a bail hearing.

K. Michelle
That's my alumnus. You know about Florida A&M University. They say we're cocky, but some of what she said was borderline crazy. Demons in the place of residence? We'll leave it at that since she doesn't like bloggers anyway. Oh, one more thing. K. Michelle looks better with less makeup.

Peter, Amina, and Tara
If that is what love in 2013 and beyond looks like, y'all can have it.

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