Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Money, Power, Obliviousness #ThickerThanWater

Money. Jewel Tankard is a millionairess. Throughout the season of "Thicker Than Water" Jewel has shown us that she lives life big. She has billionairess confessions to keep her soaring higher. She's the first lady of her husband's church. She also hosts classes to teach women to be as financially wealthy as she is. However, Mrs. Tankard doesn't even know how much the average household income is.

Power. In the last episode of "Thicker Than Water" she invited Kandi Burruss to one of her class. What's better than two millionaires educating women on how to be like them? During the sessions Jewel decided to tell the women how much the average household is making. Her answer was $100,000 but Kandi quickly corrected her and said it is much lower. I looked up the average household income for the city of Houston. It's approximately $55,000.

Jewel was so oblivious. I think because she's so wealthy she assumed everyone else isn't too far behind her. Her family's current net worth is $5 million. However, I'm assuming there's a lesson in this. Often times when trying to get ahead we're reminded that there are people doing much worse than us. Maybe instead of thinking about how we could be doing worse, we should be thinking that everyone else is not too far behind. Maybe by thinking everyone else is on our level it motivates us to get much farther ahead.

Obliviousness. That's a new years resolution I can start right away. I'm going to pretend you and everyone else is on my level and then try to advance from there. You do it too and let me know how it works out.

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  1. Poor Jewel is so out of touch, it's embarrassing! When she said to Kandi, "a $100,000? I bet you're thinking 'what am I gonna do with that?'"...in a room full of people...I was done. Thank goodness Kandi is sensible.