Thursday, October 9, 2014

#Blogtober14 My Favorite Halloween/Birthday/Homecoming Experience

All Eyes On Lashuntrice
Did I tell you that my birthday is the day before Halloween? 

Yes, October 30th I turn 28. This is important today for one reason. I don't celebrate Halloween, but I do celebrate around that time. Other than my birthday my college homecomings have always fallen around the 30th and 31st of October. That means I've dressed to impress myself every year. Below are a bunch of photos from Florida A&M's 2008 homecoming. 

That year I turned 22, had a nice pair of stripper boots, and my best friend came back after graduating to celebrate with me. I call all knee length boots stripper boots. There is no better name for them. Plus, even though a college homecoming was going on I was still able to get at least 12 people to celebrate my birthday at a restaurant with me. After college years that task becomes harder. 

He wasn't my boyfriend. I just wanted to sit down for the picture and it was my chair. 

That wasn't even really a dress, but I was determined to pull it off as one. It worked. 


  1. it's cool that even though you don't celebrate halloween you can still dress up to celebrate!

    Diana | Life in German

  2. Haha I basically just love that you call all knee high boots "stripper boots", a girl after my own heart.

  3. do you like having your birthday near halloween? i don't know if i'd want to share so close to a holiday!

    1. I have no choice. It used to be scary, because of the meaning behind October 30th.

  4. I think it's awesome that your birthday falls around the same time as Halloween. I'd love to have my birthday near a holiday. It just sounds like double the fun.

    Katie Petty