Thursday, October 16, 2014

(Posed To Be In Love) The Radio Just Got More Violent

"Man, I thought it was legal to beat your heaux."

Chris Brown gets banned from Hip Hop for a while for beating Rihanna. Rick Ross loses an endorsement deal for having lyrics on a mixtape song indicating possibly raping a woman after slipping Molly in her drink. Ray Rice gets banned from playing football with any team after a video of him knocking his wife unconscious in an elevator surfaces. Can you guess what happens next.

Kevin Gates now has a popular song on the radio called Posed To Be In Love. The song starts off with him saying, "Man, I thought it was legal to beat your heaux." Seriously, the whole song is about how he fell madly in love with an ex-girlfriend and they broke up. Now he's so hurt over the break up he wants to stalk her. There's even a lyric that says, "Beat a bitch like Chris Brown." I thought Big Sean's I Don't Fuck With You was scary, but Kevin Gates came in and put the icing on the cake. I'm scared every time I hear it.

I know Kevin managed to wander into our hearts after he started telling fans he eats ass and no one should take him seriously, but you can feel the passion in the song. Why and how did this manage to make it to radio anyway? Aren't we supposed to be against violence this year? Elevators are scary, people can't beat their kids, and now the rappers (or is he a singer) are heavily promoting nothing but violence. I would rather some music that just tells me to shake my ass and call it a night out.

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