Monday, October 27, 2014

Triple 7 Challenge, Elevation of Hormones Excerpt

I was invited to do the Triple 7 Challenge by Brenda of Cake and Eggs.

This is a challenge where you take 7 lines of the 7th page of a draft you are working on and share it. I changed it a little and decided to share an excerpt from the 7th short story I ever posted on this blog. At the time I wanted to challenge my creative juices by writing a story inside of the blog draft and publishing right after I'd written the last line. The following was written in 2011.

Excerpt From Elevation of Hormones
He sits across the room with a table full of people. I sit against a wall alone sneaking peeks, admiring his beauty. Someone speaks and he laughs along with others. His smile mesmerizes me. It calls to me, tells me to pay attention. He speaks and others reply. I imagine his voice comes across strong and commands attention. Then he gets silent.

His silence is what heightens my senses most. What is he thinking?

I nominate Rae of Unititled1975 and Ariel of ArielSaysNow.

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