Monday, October 20, 2014

#Blogtober14 What If I Gave Up...

What if I gave up? Outside of work my life revolves around being a writer, researcher, and editor (when I'm not lazy). However, sometimes I feel like my dream career hasn't come quick enough and I just need to focus on paying bills.

What if I stopped everything to focus on only bills?
Money and debt is what makes Americans a part of America. Although Raven Symone wants to be known as an American, she doesn't realize that she's missing the debt part. Most of the people I know have crazy amounts of students loans that they might never be able to pay off. They also have credit cards because there is no way possible for them to survive on only the paychecks they receive every two weeks. I know this because I am just like them. I'm struggling, so the struggle makes it that much harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What if there is no tunnel leading to my dream job?
Maybe, just maybe I'm crazy for being a dreamer. I own several motivational books by successful people. Some of these people go into detail about how they started from the bottom and now they've made it to the top. I started from the comfort of my parents house, but now it feels as if I'm at the very bottom trying to crawl my way to the top. There are so many setbacks.

Clearly I haven't given up yet. If I had, I would be sleep right now. It is approximately 3 am on a Monday. However, my biggest fear is giving up and whatever results come with giving up. I promise you sometimes I look at older people who have worked jobs just to provide for the household all their lives and wonder if they ever had goals for themselves. Maybe not, but I do have so many ideas planned out for my own life. I'm so scared of losing those ideas.

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  1. Whatever you do, don't let go of your dreams. I think about all the adults in my life who gave up their dreams for their kids and other reasons, and I that's not what I want in my life. I'd rather keep trying and fail than not try at all.