Thursday, October 16, 2014

#PreachersofLA The 49 Year Old Virgin Exists

These last couple of weeks I've been watching Preachers of LA in silence. I've taken in the lives of these couples who have been placed on pedestals to lead congregations, and also minister to the millions of viewers they receive every week from the show. These married folks proudly share their leadership lives, family lives, and even happily married sex lives. However, in the latest episode they shared something many of us don't think about on a regular basis; waiting until marriage to have sex.

It wasn't the regular way we all tend to wait though. This wait came in the form of a 49 year old virgin. He hadn't just avoided sex though. He also became the 2014 version of the movie Never Been Kissed. He had never in any way felt the intimate touch of a woman; not the feel of her vagina, the intimate cuddling with her, or even that very special kiss. His lips had only ever touched the lips of his mother. This man has lived twice as long as me and has not experienced sex.

This man went on to discuss his ideas of what to do with a woman. He doesn't believe in dating. To him taking a woman out is the same as going to his friend's house to watch football. He believes in courting, which as a 20-something I don't see the difference.

I'm guessing since the taping of that episode he hasn't met the woman of his dreams, married her, and finally saw the light. I'm still shocked that he's lived almost twice as long as me and hasn't had sex. I waited until I was 20. Clap for a girl with her waiting self.

Most of us didn't wait for sex. *tosses Bible behind couch*. At what age did you lose your virginity? Are you clapping for the 49 year old virgin or staring at him crazily?

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