Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Fuck A Birthday Post (Happy 28 To Me)

Now that I've gotten your attention, it's that time of year again. My Birthday!
Not My Black Art

However, it's not all birthday cakes, cupcakes, presents, and everyone spending money on me. Millions of phone calls aren't coming in with people asking what they can do to make my day feel special. I'm no celebrity and far from still being a kid who they felt obligated to treat special at least once a year. By the end of tomorrow there may only be a few phone calls wishing me a happy day, because that's how many will remember. Yeah, this is that age where very few care to remember anymore.

I can admit that outside of close relatives and best friends, I remember very few birthdays. Sometimes I feel ashamed of it while other times I'm too exhausted from work to care. The same happens when mines comes around. Some may remember because Facebook alerted them and if they say anything it won't extend past Facebook. They have their owns lives to focus on and it's totally understandable. However, a birthday is still special and still meant to be celebrated.

Today starts the year of being 28, so something special has to happen. I promise you there will be birthday food, birthday presents from myself (two of my friends also got me presents), a birthday outfit, and maybe birthday sex (I can use my imagination. A man isn't exactly needed for that).

Now before we continue you must read my annual Birthday Sex poem.
Warning: Its explicit.

All I want is a big dick nigga who will still his big dick in me.
But first he'll lick my pussy, stick his tongue all the way in it
Til its good and wet
And before I realize it I'll beg for him to slide between my legs
And if he plays hard to get I'll grab his head and rub it like a genie in a bottle
While guiding it to its rightful place.
Then he'll take over
Put me in total lust
As our bodies fall in sync I'll leave scratches on his back
Make the walls echo with our pleasure
It'll be about more than regular sex
Cause it'll be my birthday sex
And it'll be the best birthday present ever.

Cause it'll be my birthday sex. 

The poem has been updated also.

28 also marks the year of higher achievements. I'm tired of this city and how it tries so hard to box me up. This is the year of achievements; harder struggles, better experiences, maybe wild sex, and more of it all for my friends too.

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