Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Everyday Problems In The Form Of The Cell Phone

Recently I wanted a new phone. Well I've been trying to make as many changes in my life as I can lately. The first change, which I didn't really want to happen, was moving back home. The next change was getting my hair cut shorter. The next change was working on driving. I've had a little practice so far. I also wanted another change. This change involved my cell phone.

For the last 2 years I'd been walking around with the same flip phone. Most people haven't used flip phones since 2005. I felt it was time for a new phone and I knew just what kind I wanted. I wanted a slide phone or a blackberry. I knew the blackberry would be useless since my phone plan doesn't include much, so I got a slide phone. I was excited for this latest change until a problem occurred.

That problem was getting signal on the phone. It was a nicer phone than the one before, but ever since I've gotten it I've had trouble making phone calls no matter where I am. I can be standing outside and the phone will still say no signal. It's frustrating, but it is teaching me something.

I'm impatient. I wanted a new phone and my parents said I didn't really need a new one. However, since I wanted one I was determined to get it. This is my attitude toward a lot of things. I'm impatient. I don't like waiting to get what I want. When I want something I want it at the particular moment. However, in the end things don't seem to go as I planned. There's always a problem.

The phone is lacking because I can barely use it. Although I love my hair I still want to get it cut shorter. Men problems is located in an unwritten book somewhere. I love living back home, but my heart it not fully here. I'm okay, but I'm not at my happiest.

See the problems. I just hope when I get my dream first job there won't be any problems.

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