Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friendships And Networking

There are some events in my life that I am glad I experienced because they introduced me to people that I will be cool with for possibly the rest of my life. I'm going to name some off. These are in no particular order.

Hunters Glen Elementary: I'm so glad I was blessed to attend Hunters Glen Elementary in Missouri City, Texas because I had the opportunity to meet lifelong friends such as Adrienne and Mylana.

TOPS: TOPS at FAMU introduced me to my best friend Courtney who in turn introduced me to Laurette years later at her graduation who in turn introduced me to Eddie (who's a great singer and he doesn't know this but I'll be writing for him one day) and til this day I'm friends with them all.

Freshman Year Of College: I met Christina who was roommates with Kim and already friends with Nathifa and who managed to meet Elizabeth at the same time as me who all tried to play mother to me at some point and will probably continue and that will be okay because they're all cool people.

Plant City: My birthplace allowed me to meet Ratasha through my grandmother who loved to tell everyone about me being in college and that's cool cause Ratasha's a good friend.

FAMU J-School: FAMU J-School is where I met Randy, Tasha, Reginald, Audley, Walter, Kisha, Keithen, Letitia, and so many others. Well definitely have to keep that j-school connection alive as we all succeed in life.

Facebook: Facebook has gotten me connected with so many people and given me so many new readers I can't even name them all. I just hope I can keep the growth up and continue to support them the way they support me.

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