Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Roughneck Attitude Under The Business Suit

Recently I came to the conclusion that I like the men with the roughneck attitudes. At first I thought I liked roughnecks, but now I know there's a difference between roughnecks and the men with roughneck attitudes.

Roughnecks aren't afraid to show their personalities 24/7. They walk around thinking the world is against them so they dress as if the world doesn't care. They have the closets full of white T's, sagging jeans, and Timbaland boots. They always have expensive jewelry and the most expensive cars. They're tatted up. They know they are being targeted, but they don't try to hide whatever it is they do. They seduce women with their swagger, but then end up mistreating women because all they care about is their money. At the beginning of the day they are thinking about money. At the end of the day they are thinking about money. All they care about it money.

On the other hand men with roughneck attitudes only try to be hard. They know when to slide on their white T's and sagging jeans. However, they also have a closet full of suits. They are tatted up, but their tattoos can be easily hidden. They believe in careers with  lots of money for themselves and their families. They put their families before themselves. They claim to be the leader of their household, but they let their women lead. They're not afraid to show how much they respect and love the women if their lives.They have a roughneck attitude so if anyone disrespects them or their families they are ready to fight. They appear to be the meanest people sometimes, but at other times they are the nicest people. At the beginning of the day they're thinking about their money. At the end of the day they are thinking about their family.

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