Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Mic Sounds Nice-- Salt N Pepa

Yesterday I posted the "My Mic Sounds Nice" documentary. It had so many great female emcees in it I decided to highlight some of those mentioned. One group that stood out for me was Salt N Pepa. I've always loved them.  I've loved their songs and their fashion. That is why they are today's highlight. The following are some pictures their style.

Previously I did a post, Short Hair Don't Care, on women who inspired me when deciding to cut my hair. As you can see Salt rocked the short hair look and it looked good on her.

If only I had clothes like they did back then...

This look was from the Shoop video. I want a shirt like the one Salt is wearing.
They rocked the half shaved heads way better than Cassie and way before Cassie too.

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