Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man Bullshit (Random)

"Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man"- Steve Harvey

A few minutes ago I came to the conclusion that being a lady and trying to think like a man is bullshit. These are the reasons:

# Pimpin' ain't easy.
#Pussy is in demand. Dick is not. (I saw that in a recent blogger's video)
# Men don't care (unless you convince them real hard to care but by the end as a woman you don't care anymore).


# I'm a woman
# I think like a woman
#I love watching Lifetime movies
#I love being scared while watching horror movies.
#I love cuddling (with the right person and not just anyone).
#I'm emotional. (It's cool for women to be emotional)
#Sometimes I just don't give a damn. (Men aren't the only ones with a right to not care)
#I'll forever be random (unless it involves jumping from anywhere or climbing a mountain).
#I want red weave.

I don't quite know where I'm going with this post, so enjoy the music. It's my Think Like A Man Bullshit playlist.

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