Thursday, October 21, 2010

College Student's Life At Risk After Becoming Police Chief In Mexican City

Recently in the Guadalupe, Mexico, a small Mexican town near the Texas border, one person was brave enough to run for the chief of police. That person just happens to be a 20-year old college student by the name of Marisol Valles Garcia.

While Garcia is proud to fill the position of police chief, many are worried about how long she will live. According to a yahoo article, this year 11 mayors in Mexico were murdered. This includes the former mayor of Guadalupe, who was murdered earlier this year. Also, Garcia is not dealing with the regular criminals (road rage people, robberies, etc.). She will be dealing with the most powerful drug cartels that are located near her city.

However, Garcia told one newspaper that she took the job to decrease fear in her town. She stated to the paper that everyone in the the town is scared, but if the community comes together they can feel safe again.

The problem I see with her situation is every time I log onto the internet there's someone new saying she's going to be assassinated within a week. On the other hand no one is trying to come up with ways to protect her. Well, she's the police chief. It's now her job to protect the community, but someone needs to be protecting her at the same time.

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