Thursday, October 28, 2010

Evolution of Fashion In The Rap Game (Happy Thursday)

When a person thinks of rap music they usually think of gangsta type lyrics. They think of a person spitting hardcore lyrics on a mic to an audience who may be ready to fight by the end of the night.

Fashion is always changing, but one area that you may imagine fashion not changing is the area of the rap music. Rap artists have to keep up a tough exterior, so their clothes tend to match the toughness they try to convey.

Back in the day rappers conveyed their toughness by wearing du-rags, baggy jeans, and flashy jewelry. Sometimes their clothes were flashy too. However, now the style is a bit different. Check out some old school rappers styles first.

Tupac is the ultimate example of how old school rappers looked.
Along with good lyrics, Mase helped to
 contribute to the style of baggy flashy clothing.

Bone Thugs 'N Harmony always had baggy clothes on.

However, recently I was scrolling through blogs and learned that the tough look is gone. The days of rappers wearing du-rags (or bandanas), baggy jeans, and flashy jewelry are over. The rappers of now prefer loud shirts, tight jeans, and easter looking sneakers. Check it out.

New Boyz

Waka Flocka Flame

Soulja Boy and Drake

Swizz Beats has been around longer than the new rappers that are listed, but his style has also evolved from when he first came out. His lyrics are going and he's keeping up fashion wise. 

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