Sunday, October 17, 2010

Melissa Ford Says Fame Is The Most Addictive Drug

I’m not in the business of giving my personal opinion on somebody, especially if I don’t know them. But I will say this; I think the most addictive drug is the one that has no cure. It’s fame. I think too many are bitten by the fame bug and will do anything to maintain relevance. You begin to sell your soul. That’s not what I would do. If it floats your boat, then knock yourself out. I’m too busy with myself and my own career to worry about what somebody else is doing. I also think that when it comes to visibility you have choices. You can have it two ways, for your own self-serving purposes or you can use it to draw attention to worthwhile causes. I try to do the latter as much as I possibly can.- via King Magazine

Recently Melissa Ford did a photo shoot and interview for King Magazine. For the winter issue she will be on the cover. Check out more snippets of her interview over at

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