Thursday, October 14, 2010

Birdman, Nelly, and Some Other Stars You Probably Shouldn't Listen To

Recently during an interview with Angela Yee, Birdman announced that he was in the final stages of becoming part owner of the Miami Dolphins. He said it was part of his plan to reach billionaire status. His plan would have been great to the public eye except a problem occurred.

According to a reporter who did his research, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said Birdman never filled out any paperwork or talked to anyone about wanting to become part owner. Why lie about it?

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Birdman also claimed to have hung out with R. Kelly and had terrible experiences. Are his words worthy of listening to? I've always seen R. Kelly as a great businessman, except for his weaknesses in liking young girls.

In other news, recently Nelly decided to give relationship advice on The only problem is he also came out recently and denied ever being involved with Ashanti. Soon after Ashanti gave a statement saying they were always just friends. Who believes that crap? So, if Nelly would lie about sexing Ashanti all that time, why should we take relationship advice from him?

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