Saturday, October 23, 2010

One Night Stand (Short Fiction Story)

(I wrote this for the erotica lovers. This story is approximately 6 pages long, so sit back and enjoy.)

One Night Stand
 (written by Miss Too Sexy (AKA Lashuntrice)
(Copyright 2010)

            The wetter I got the faster his tongue moved. I could feel him licking and sucking and then licking some more. Originally I thought he was going to be awful just like the men before, but he was good.
“Keep going,” I said in a whisper as I felt him trying to stop. He continued and I rubbed his head to motivate him.  Any other guy with a hairstyle like his would not have let any girl touch his head, so the fact that he didn’t mind my hands turned me on even more. After a few more minutes my legs were shaking uncontrollably.
“WOW,” I said breathlessly as he slid from between my legs and headed to the bathroom.
“It’s not over yet,” he responded. His name was Brian. I smiled at the sight of him because he was the perfect ending to a very bad day.

See, I was upset about how my day had started.  I’d waken up at around 5 am for work, even though I didn’t have to be in until 9, only to realize that yesterday was my last day at the job.  Unfortunately the bad economy had decided it didn’t like me and I’d ended up on the list of employees to be laid off. After hours of picking out the perfect outfit and curling my beautifully long weave I was angry all over again. I was also wide awake, so going back to sleep was not an option. Then I decided to do something very unlike my usual routine.
            Around 9:30 I’d decided to pick up breakfast. It was something I rarely did. IHOP was my first choice, but I didn’t really want to sit down and eat. Whataburger was the next place that popped in my mind. I chose there because I heard the pancakes were delicious. It’s too bad that at the exact time I got there some others had plans of their own for the restaurant. Five seconds after I walked into the restaurant I heard these words:
            “Give me all the money you have. I know you have money. You’ve been open all night.”
            I didn’t know whether to leave without any food or whether to stay and order. The robbers didn’t seem to care about customers. They had not told anyone to get on the ground. The guns the two had were only pointed toward the woman at the cash register.
            As the woman slid the robbers all of the money in the cash register I tried to sneak away, but one of them saw me.
            “Hey, you.” I’d taken another two steps toward the door, but the next words out of his mouth made me stop. “I have a gun pointing at you. If you take another step I will shoot.”
            “Hi,” I said as I turned around to face him.
            “Are you Ciara?” he asked. He was wearing a mask, so I could not tell whether he was complimenting me or if he was serious.
            “Of course not,” I said with a smile on my face. I thought if I smiled he would leave me alone and let me leave. That thought was wrong.
            “Give me your number and you can live.”
With any other man I would have quickly gave a fake cell phone number. However, the gun in his hand intimidated me.
            “555-666-999,” I said while trying to keep a calm composure.
            “Okay,” he said. “I’ll call you as soon as I get out of jail.” His last comment had confused me. Although the gun was right in front of me I’d blanked out about the actual crime he was trying to commit. I was going to ask him why he thought he was going to jail when five cops busted through the doors.
            “Get on the floor,” they had screamed. Both guys dropped their guns and were on their knees. I then took that opportunity to leave without any food.
            The experience wore me out so I headed back home and fell asleep. During my nap I had several dreams about men in Whataburger. In one dream I met a man who looked exactly like R. Kelly when he had braids. He was robbing the store, but once I walked in his eyes fell upon me. “Hey sexy,” he said. “You are so fine I don’t even want the money in this store anymore. Can I stick my key in your ignition instead?” I shook my head yes, excited that he wanted me. “Hold up.” He took the money out of his pocket and gave it back to the cashier. He then proceeded to lead me to the back of the store. Once we made it to the back he pushed me against the window. He then undid his belt and slid his pants halfway down. I had on a dress and surprisingly no panties. Then he picked me up and we had sex up against the wall.
            The next dream I had was a little different. In it Chingy was robbing Whataburger. When I saw him I immediately thought of the reports that he had been with transgendered men. As if he could read my mind he said, “They are not true. I’m a sucker for the pussy. The real pussy.” I gave him a crazy look and then he continued his argument. “For real. In fact I like the way you move that right thurr. Even though I was robbing this lady I noticed how you walked. Walk for me.” Since he had a gun in his hand I tried to do the sexiest walk I knew. “Nice,” he responded to it. “Look, I’m tired of this store and don’t want to go to jail. I’m about to give this money back. Then we will hit up my hotel and spend the next couple hours feeling on each other while sipping on some Hennessey.” After that Whataburger turned into a hotel room. I was already lying on the bed naked while Chingy was getting undressed. “I don’t think you believe me,” he said. “I’m about to prove to you that I love women.” That is exactly what he did for approximately 2 hours.
            When I woke up I thought I’d be hungry, but instead I was craving sex. In my 22 years of life I’d only had sex with two men. Neither of them gave me the pleasure I thought I would get, so I had stopped after the second one. That was three years ago and I was feigning.

            Our two naked bodies once again intertwined as he picked me up leaned me against the wall and thrust himself inside of me. He started off slow and then started going faster.
            “Oooohhhh,” I moaned from pleasure. “Stop. Don’t stop.” I didn’t know what words were flying out of my mouth, but I was enjoying the experience. My arms were wrapped around Brian’s neck to keep my balance, but at the same time I was making sure not to hold him too tight. It was my first time ever having sex that way, but he had a pretty good grip on me.
“Yes,” I screamed. “Just like that.” As I got louder he started planting soft kisses on my lips to smother the noise. In turn I kissed back forcing my tongue in his mouth. Although he was great at what he was doing in the back of my mind I couldn’t help but think my friend Kendra would kill me if she knew what I was doing.

            “Hey girl,” my friend Kendra said. I looked at the clock. It was a little after three. I’d been up from my nap for an hour. Before I could answer she started talking again. “Girl, I’m so hungry. Let’s go grab something to eat.”
            “Okay,” I said, trying not to think about my experience at Whataburger. If I thought of Whataburger I’d think of the mysterious robber, which would then lead me to the dreams, and then sex would creep on my mind. “But no fast food restaurants please.”
            “Who eats out at a fast food restaurant?” she replied. I knew she was shaking her head and making a crazy look. “Anyway, I’ll be over in fifteen minutes. Be ready.”
            We went to a small family owned restaurant called “Bingos.” The location of the restaurant was horrible. It was on a very busy street, but hidden behind trees. Every time I came with someone we ended up searching for the entrance. Even though we were there for the food, I did the majority of the eating. Kendra, on the other hand, did all the talking.
            “Girl, can you believe he acted that way?” she asked after telling me about her boyfriend followed her to a club the night before and started a huge fight in the parking lot with another man who was checking her out.
            “Actually, from everything you’ve told me about before, I can believe he did it.” That wasn’t the response Kendra was looking for, but I didn’t know what else to say. “Dump him,” I said after she didn’t respond. “There are men out there that will not be so jealous.”
            I tried to sound convincing, but at the same time I could not help but wonder where the man that would fight in a parking lot over me was at. I started to go into a daydream about my prince charming, but Kendra was ready to leave.
            “Claire,” Kendra yelled, trying to get me out of my trance. “Let's go.” Kendra was in a rush to get home and watch Real Housewives of Atlanta, but I couldn’t move. I was in shock.
A very sexy man was standing outside the window near Kendra’s car. He had a Roscoe Dash haircut, was wearing a white t-shirt and his jeans were sagging. We would have to pass him to leave. I checked myself to make sure I looked on point. Just because I was having a bad day didn’t mean I wanted to look bad.  
As we headed to the car I tried not to look in his direction. Usually I could glance at a good looking man without him noticing, but I would have stared if I looked in his direction. Once we reached her car, I grabbed at the passenger side door, but before I could get in I looked up. When I did he was staring back at me.
“Ciara,” he said, smiling at me. When he spoke my mouth dropped open from the recognition of his voice. “Oh, I’m sorry. Hey Ciara look-a-like.”
“Hi,” I said. “You’re out of jail already?” From the corner of my eye I could see Kendra slightly smiling from curiosity.
“Yeah,” he responded. “What’s your name? I got your number earlier, but forgot to get your name.”
“Ciara,” I told me but then quickly corrected myself. “I mean Claire.” I smiled from embarrassment. He smiled back. His smile was extra sexy. It reminded me of how Avant smiled in his music video Read Your Mind.
“Okay Claire, I will call you in a little.” He, along with his friends proceeded to walk towards the restaurant.
When he was out of my sight I started to walk forward and hurt my knee against the car. Just that quickly I’d forgotten where I was.
“You know I want to know all about him, right?” Kendra asked even though even wasn’t a question.
“He’s no one special,” I replied. “I met him earlier today. The story is actually funny, but I will tell you later. Aren’t you in a rush to get home?”
“Oh yeah.” On the ride home and after she dropped me off I continuously stared at the phone in anticipation. It had been too long since any man had paid me any kind of attention.

            He picked me up and tossed me on the bed. As I got comfortable I studied his physique. His body was toned. He had an innocent face like Mario, but a body like Lance Gross. Although I’d already felt him up and down and could still feel him in between my legs, I couldn’t help but crave for his body more. As he climbed onto the bed and on top of me I took my right hand and felt on his chest. His six pack was hard, but that wasn’t the only thing hard on him.
            “Are you ready for more?” he asked while taking his hands and spreading my legs open. I was weak from what we’d already done, but my body was showing him the opposite.
            “Of course,” I responded.

            Once I got home I continuously looked for activities to keep my mind occupied. I watched a little bit of television, played a game online, and then made a freaky song mix on my computer. Some of the songs included R. Kelly’s Down Low, Jodeci’s Freak Me, and Bone’s Homegurl. Then finally at 9pm my phone rang.
            “Hello?” I answered trying not to sound too eager to talk.
            “Hey Ciara, I mean Claire,” the voice on the other end responded.
            “Hey, umm,” I responded while feeling embarrassed. “I forgot to get your name earlier.”
            “Brian.” His sexy voice made my heart beat fast.
            “Come over,” I said without thinking about my words. “I want to see you.”
            “Where do you live?” I gave him my address and he said he would call me when he once he arrived outside. He arrived in 20 minutes, which was just enough time to change clothes and make sure I looked good. For him I slid on this tight mini dress that had never been worn. For the shoes I slid of a pair of blood red high heels fit for a secretary that was ready to be sexed at any time.
            “I’m at your door,” he said before I could say hello into the phone.
            “Alright, I’m coming.” I looked around my small apartment hoping he’d like it. My living room was just big enough to fit my sofa, which was big enough for two people, and my 32 inch television. My kitchen, right across from the living room, was big enough for three people to stand in. The bedroom entrance separated the two. It was the biggest room in my place and I liked it like that.
            “Hey.” I opened the door to let Brian in. Whatever he was wearing was intoxicating. “You smell nice.”
            “Thanks.” He walked in, but stared me down the whole time. “You look good. Is this for me?”
            “No,” I lied, “but since you’re here you might as well enjoy the view.” What I said was lame, but I was trying to set the mood.
            “You’re not usually my type.”
            “What do you mean by that?” I felt the mood slowly dying and that wasn’t good.
            “You have goals,” he said. “I can tell. The way you carry yourself says you’re educated.”The smile that was on my face when I first opened the door started to fade. “But that’s not a bad thing,” he said noticing my look change.
            “Well,” I said as I was thinking of a response, “you’re not usually my type either. You’re a criminal.” I thought it would hurt his feelings to hear the words, but instead he smiled. “Guys like you are nothing but trouble.”
            “I’m guessing you’re looking for trouble.” He continued to smile. “You got tired of the boring men and wanted a real one.” Brian walked toward me seducing me with his voice. I continued to walk backwards until my back was up against my bedroom door. “I can have you aching from pleasure for days. Are you really ready for that?” Before I could answer he leaned down and kissed me on the lips. His kiss was light and his lips were soft. As he started to pull away I wrapped my left arm around the back of his head and pulled him towards me again.
            It all happened so fast. His dick was hard. I could feel it and I was hot from the passion. One minute we were in the living room and the next we were in the bedroom laying next to each other with no clothes on. As I layed there my heart beat fast as I pieced the moments together.
            I remembered us starting up against the bedroom door. It hurt a little at first since it was my first time in a while, but the more we had sex the better it got. Once we finally made it into the bedroom I remembered him eating me out like a pro. Well, maybe he was a pro at it. Then we continued to have sex multiple times in many different positions. I was glad I didn’t have to wake up for work, because I’d definitely be sore in the morning. I looked at the clock beside my bed and realized it was 2 am. Even though I had no plans for the next day he had to leave.
            “You have to leave,” I said without moving.
            “Like that?” Brian asked.
            “Yeah, like that,” I responded. “Remember, we’re not each other’s type anyway.” I didn’t look in his direction but I could sense that he was smiling.
            “Alight, I’ll let myself out.” I turned in his direction as he got dressed. I wanted to admire his body one more time.
            “Brian,” I called to him as he opened the bedroom door.
            “It was nice.” He gave me his Avant smile right before he disappeared.


  1. So I don't know what is worse...the fact that you wrote this story, the fact you mention eating so much or the fact I read this in the Library in full view of about nine random people?

  2. I'm not into erotica so it did not interest me personally.