Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Reflections: An Almost Embarrassing Experience

I had to pee. I couldn't hold it in. Upon walking out of the club that urge wasn't there. If it had been, this experience would not have happened. 

Home was about 10 minutes away and every gas station I had passed was closed. If I could have held it in longer, I would have driven straight home. Well actually I could have hit the gas pedal, went a little over the speed limit, and then eventually made it to my comfy bathroom. But I just paid $227 toward a speeding ticket. Speeding was not an option. 

My bladder was nearing explosion. There was a gas station that looked deserted. I pulled up, parked in front of a gas pump, and found some bushes. No one could see me. I prayed no one could see me. I pulled my thong off and then my skirt. Lifted the skirt up wouldn't have worked. Yes, my bottom was bare outside, but all that mattered was getting that pee out of my system. Then he appeared. 

In scary movies this is the part where the girl gets attacked, raped, and possibly murdered. He didn't do any of those. Instead he asked if I was okay. What the Hell? Does it look like I'm okay? I jumped a little, but tried to rush and put my skirt back on. The undies didn't even matter. My reasoning for being behind a gas station in some bushes was accomplished. He was waiting for me in the front. 

Initially I was embarrassed this man had seen me the way he did. Well I was also afraid he might attack me. I had no weapons except for keys. A cop once told me that keys make great weapons. He wasn't dangerous though. Instead this man was just annoying.

This guy introduced himself and asked for money for a hotel room. He told this story of having a criminal past, just not too long ago getting out of prison, and needing a place to sleep. Well my thought was "sleep on the side of the highway like the rest of them," but I didn't say that. I politely told him I was broke (lie) and kept moving. It was time to go home. Home was calling my name. The night needed to end with some good old fashioned sleep. After all, I had partied by myself, peed in the bushes, got caught my a random man, and then asked if I could spare money for a hotel room. 

Now you might be wondering why this experience even came to fruition. Well first I had a strawberry daquiri. It was only $3. Then everyone kept walking past me with this blue drink in hand. I stopped some guy and asked him what it was. It looked delicious. He said "A Blue Mothafucka." The drinks are pictured up top. Both were delicious. How many clubs you go to where the drinks are made just right? 

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