Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Asshole (A Poem)

I was thinking about Chris Brown's situation when I wrote this. 

An Asshole is what they call him
But once upon a time he cried real tears
The boogey man
The Easter Bunny
Even Santa frightened him a little
And he’d run to his mom to take away the fears
She was his dependence
However, something changed
Now he’s always fucking up
Can never do anything right
Messing up people’s plans for him
Messing up his plans for himself
And when he’s called out
When someone points out a moment where he messes up
He’s always quick to snap back.
A PR’s nightmare has become his new name.
He has anger issues
Probably because the media glorifies and hates him at the same damn time
His guard is up
Especially since there’s always someone looking to attack him
Like the woman that proudly harasses him on twitter
Calling him ugly, a woman abuser, a waste of talent and life
But he became like that the hard way
One night, one moment in time changed his life forever
He was a good boy
What happened?
Was it because he put his hands on a girl?
But people laugh at those actions on World Star Hip Hop.
Was it the fame that marked his downfall?
The cameras stalk him.
The media uses him as a reminder of how black men continuously make bad choices.
Was it the way he started expressing his feelings about women?
His mom was once his dependence
He loved and cherished her
Now he has two, three, and maybe four women at a time
But he refers to them as Bitches all the time
Then they only get treated good in the club
And since there’s no respect outside the club his actions aren’t bad
Or are they?
Sometimes he does feel bad for his ways
Every now and then he tries to change his ways
But how far he’s come from being an Angel

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