Monday, November 12, 2012

Does The Mean Girl Get More Money? #RHOA

The second episode of this season's Real Housewives of Atlanta graced television screens around the world last night.

How many seasons has it been since we were first introduced to NeNe Leakes, Kim Zolciack, Phaedra Parks, Kandi, and Cynthia? There are many others, but they just didn't have the charisma reality television needed. However, reality producers never fail at finding fresh faces. This season we're being  introduced to two new  women, one named Kenya Moore. Kenya is a former Miss America, model, and actress. While Kenya is new, she's definitely a mean girl. Even though a lot of people (at least in the twitter world) are not feeling this newcomer's attitude, she seems to be very content on becoming the mean girl throughout this whole season.

It all started when Cynthia invited Kenya to her modeling company for  Jet magazine audtitions. Jet Magazine was looking for a new beauty of the week and asked for Cynthia's help. In case you've never looked at a Jet Magazine, beauty of the week is when some pretty woman poses in a bikini. As a kid, I wanted to grow up looking like those women. So Cynthia extends this invitation and Kenya accepts. She even mentions that she was once a Jet beauty. Everything starts off good with the judging until Kenya decides to be a mean girl. She's questioning these women, humiliating them in their bikinis, and then goes as far as to tell security to kick out one of the Jet mag. workers. Cynthia does try to set her straight, but in the end  Kenya just does not understand her actions. So the mean girl continues.

Kenya told the other women a story about Jet mag. inviting her to Cynthia's company, which was a lie, and how the women were dressed inappropriately. How are you supposed to dress when your'e being picked to model in a bikini? Cynthia then tells the women her side of the story. It all starts to look crazy until the original mean girl, NeNe Leakes, throws in her little opinion.

NeNe tries to play the nice girl role, but she's rich. Since NeNe became rich she does not want to engage in the drama, but drama is what made her rich. If she would have never become friends with Kim and Sheree, but then dissed them both, no one would have paid attention to her. Then Donald Trump would have never picked her for Celebrity Apprentice. Everyone on Celebrity Apprentice has a little mean spirit in them to compete, so NeNe was perfect. Since then her career has been elevated to an actual actress with her biggest role being on The New Normal. However, before the actress roles she was already making the most money of all the women on RHOA for being the mean girl.

NeNe has made more money, so could this be Kenya's plan? She's being mean so he audience will pay more attention to her and then in future seasons they'll have to give her a bigger paycheck. Is that how it works? After all look at other reality shows. Tami Roman was on food stamps at some point before getting on Basketball Wives Miami. Gloria Govan was not nice to Shaunie O'Neal on Basketball Wives Miami, but now Shaunie is cutting her and her sister paychecks.

So do you think the mean girl gets more money? NeNe is rich now.

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