Saturday, November 24, 2012

Trapped In The Closet Part 3

In 2005 R. Kelly ended up trapped in someone's closet and every since he has found his way being trapped in various other place. It's the Trapped In The Closet series that just won't end and like users are addicted to crack, we can't stop watching. 

R. Kelly debuted part 3 of this Trapped In The Closet series on IFC last night. Viewers were both amazed and confused by the end. It all started seven years ago when R. Kelly was trapped in some woman's closet after her husband arrived home. It has continued with lots of strange story lines, one  involving a stripping midget that is supposedly blessed hiding in the kitchen cabinet from the policeman/husband of the woman he was sleeping with. All in all, as soon as the story line started it had no ending, which is why R. Kelly decided to create a part 3 to this saga. 

This is why R. Kelly is a genius. He sings and acts out 50 different people. The most amazing thing is R. Kelly also had throat surgery a little over a year ago. Can you tell? 

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