Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sexual Equal (Story Teller)

I don't want to be bored. I don't want to be bored. No lame conversations where men totally ignore my interests just to try to get themselves a few hours of un-passionate lust.  As the stranger on the other end sends naughty pictures, he reveals just enough to to pique my interests and at the same time keep my imagination running wild. His chest bare, a nice six pack revealed. He's been working out. As my eyes roam lower, it's clear there's a deep cut v-shape and from the looks of it he might not be wearing any underwear. Then the picture ends, but  the conversation is just beginning.

I don't want to appear desperate. I don't want to appear desperate. No sharing of who I am. No revealing of career goals, relationship thoughts, or even how he could be the one. There was no solicitation need, no explaining of myself. He paid attention, saw what I was doing. He noticed my interests in good looking men and thought he fit the description. And that was all the conversation needed to be about. Judging his physique. Is he good enough? Could he spend some alone time with me? Could our bodies make great conversation? He explained it wasn't a v-cut shape. It was actually a long Y.

I don't want to appear needy. I don't want to appear easy. He sends another picture. This time with some underwear on. Still unsolicited, he continues his bragging game. He finally gets to the point. He wants to see me, first in a a revealing picture and then in person. Instead of a picture I just reveal that all I have is a t-shirt on. As far as meeting we're in two different places. Maybe one day, but not now.

No more lames. No getting on my knees trying to get him to please me. No acting blind when it's clear he's not the right type. No playing games. This girl is looking for her sexual equal.

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