Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Reflections, Am I An Angry Ass Black Woman?

Am I an angry ass black woman? I ask myself this question after reading An Angry Ass Black Woman by Karen Quinones Miller.

This book was Miller's autobiography and she definitely had a lot to be angry about. However, she found ways to overcome the negative times. I'm still amazed that she sold 3,000 books in three months after being told it would be hard to sell 1,000 in a year. Actually I'm still stuck on the part that at 5 years old she and a group of others arranged a plan to rob the person over the apartment complex, so they would then pay the rent they owed. Elementary kids think of that? Anyway, Karen Miller has lived a life of memorable and shocking moments, but she's not the same woman she was as a kid or even a teenager. Does that make her angry still? 

I asked myself this question after recently reading about D.L. Hughley saying all black women are angry. Really? Am I angry? I've had some angry moments. As a woman I've felt pain just as much as the black man, maybe the white man, and definitely the white woman. That shouldn't make me angrier though, should it? 

After 26 years on this earth it's safe to say that I'm a writer. There were the dreams, lots of reading, the education, and the struggles of realizing my own family members couldn't comprehend the importance of me having a writing career. Whether they accept  it now doesn't matter. I've started to build my career, even if just online so far. Plus when not writing, I still create memorable experiences. Some of these experiences become aggravating, let out the angry woman, and some of them put a huge smile on my face. Yes, I smile. But does my angry moments make me an angry ass black woman for life? Or can I wake up one day and finally change that persona?

According to D.L. Hughley I'm angry and men just have to accept it. Forget about the moments that made me angry. Forget about my happy times. That's how he is wife his wife and daughters. He's loves them because he's accepted that they're forever angry as hell. How happy they really are doesn't seem to matter to the world. 

I also can't help but wonder how many men are walking around thinking every black woman they encounter is just mean for no reason. 

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