Thursday, November 1, 2012

He Forgot To Romanticize Her

This guy was heartbroken because the girl went back to her ex boyfriend, but...

I saw a guy put up sad status on Facebook hours ago and was curious about what happened. This guy is Facebook famous for being upset over not being able to get the girl he wants. However, this status was a little more vague, so I wanted to know what exactly happened. Of course it was over a girl. 

He claimed there was a girl he really liked. He thought she was nice and they had great conversations. He met her when she was seeing her boyfriend, but during the time she broke up with the other guy. That relationship had ended because the guy cheated.  At that point he had his chance to express his feelings. However, he told me he didn't tell her how he felt because he was giving the girl her space. He thought she needed time to be single again before he made his move. Then one day he became brave enough. He didn't make a real move. He told me that he asked her to meet him somewhere. His perfect idea was the fair. At that point she told him she was going with her boyfriend. She had gotten back with the guy who cheated on her. She did invite him along though. Why? She thought of him as a good friend. This broke his heart. 

So this guy was upset because she got back with her cheating ex and he was ignored. He was also upset because he realized he'd been friend zoned. Well, in his mind she friend zoned him. He was the most upset because he felt like he'd played the good guy role and she'd left him for the bad guy. Am I the only one that finds his pain self inflicted?

The guy came to her as a friend, continued to act as only a friend once she became single, and never asked her on a date. Where was the "I like you as more than a friend?" Where was the "You're special, nice, kind, etc?" He never did any of that, but ended up terribly upset.

When will good men learn that they can be good and aggressive? This means be friendly to the girl, but serenade her at the same time. Compliment the woman to show that you're paying attention. Take her out to her favorite spots. Then claim her once she's already telling everyone how you're the perfect man. 

Wait, will good men ever realize this works, or will they continue to be heartbroken by the relationships they don't create but wine about ending? 

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  1. See...he didnt want to be rejected. She clearly didnt feel ANYTHING about him or else she woulda realized he wanted her. And what female will invite another MAN out on a date with her and HER man? Sounds weird to me. It's hoe-ish to let her know he wanted her while she was dating the other dude. That's not aggressive, that's bad news. She doesnt want the good guy. She wants the problematic relationship. Some women like toxic things, that they think they can fix. Men think they can fix things around the house. Women think they can fix the men around their house.