Thursday, April 23, 2015

Awkward #Poem #Poetry

Dedicated To The Past

This shit is just awkward
They call it a game so someone is meant to get played
But your name is still fresh on my mind
And every moment I try to be friendly
You pretend we were just a waste of your time
Even though I was the one who lost out on what could have been
You tell everyone I’m a stalker
All I did was click the like button on one of your IG pics
But you’re around your punk ass friends
So you want them to think I was a real Bitch
You didn’t follow through on any plans
No planned dates to any movies or restaurants
No picnics in the park
No romancing at all
Which is why I never told anyone we were going out
To them you were simply a friend
And you’re making me regret that
Shouldn’t have told anyone you existed at all
Badmouthing me in public when it was your ass begging for sex
Do they know you’re just another heaux
Thinking you’re being unique
But spitting the same lines as every other dude just to get to one thing
And do you realize once you’re done ditching every girl
It’ll be you that ends up lonely
“It’s okay. You don’t know no better. You’re better off being alone.”

Quote from a Jhene Aiko song